Go Solar Webinar

Columbus Community Solar Initiative

Columbus Community Solar Initiative (CCSI) invites you to a free workshop to learn about the benefits of installing Solar at your home.

CCSI, a program of the non-profit Energy Matters Community Coalition, are neighbors who help neighbors go solar.  We provide neutral, non-hyped education about the benefits and costs of going solar in Go Solar Webinar.  Go Solar Webinar equips participants to evaluate if going solar is right or not for them. We simplify the purchase decision by selecting a "partner" solar vendor through a competitive bidding and technical review process.  CCSI has helped more than thirty households, two non-profit agencies, one house of worship, and one business go solar in recent years. 

Tuesday May 14th 2024 Go Solar Webinar 7:30pm - 8:30pm Sign Up Here
Monday June 17th 2024 Go Solar Webinar 7pm - 8pm Sign Up Here